Sunday, 17 August 2014

#BEDA Day 17- My Day

A timeline of my day. I took pictures of the things we did yesterday so I could post about it today. I didn't do much as I was feeling quite tired and my back has been aching a lot.   
I thought I would start the day with a mug of hot chocolate. Tea has started to make me feel sick again so I am trying to avoid it.

While the boys were playing I managed to get some washing up done before going to join them. We made a pretty cool train track! 

Big has been on holiday in Turkey for two weeks, so we have been trying to get his room decorated before he gets home tomorrow. In the morning his room looked like this.... 

Poor boy has had a pink room since we moved in January but he hasn't complained once. My Dad came over to help get the first coat done and cut in around the ceiling. My husband went into town with Squish to get a blind and duvet cover for Bigs room. 

While they were out and Dad was painting Chaos "helped"  me sort out the paperwork in the filing cabinet. My nephew is having it so we can have a bit more space. Imanaged to get rid of most of it so the bit that is left will fit in the little pink file box I bought instead. Yay!! 

After some lunch, the boys went up for a sleep. Lovely! 
My Dad and husband carried on painting and sent me off to the sofa to rest my back. Everything seemed to ache yesterday so I didn't argue... Much! 

I watched a weeks worth of Mike and Molly! It's my favourite show at the moment and it makes me laugh out loud (which doesn't happen often). 

By the end of the day, Bigs room looked like this. Much better than the pink! Unfortunately, the blind has to be delivered as the only one they had is in a warehouse in London! We do have a new duvet cover for him thoug, so that's something. 

After putting the boys to bed we watched Live at the Apollo before going to bed. 

Hope you had a great day too! 


  1. Wow, what a transformation. Love the colour! Sounds like you had a busy day :-)

  2. Looks great :) and the joys of a record box :) I love the fact I can catch up on my program's on the rare occassion my little ones are sleeping and my big ones are playing at their friends or quietly in garden/hallway/upstairs. You still managed to get a lot done though even with a bad back.

  3. Super busy day for you! Glad bigs room is sorted it looks great!xx


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