Friday, 15 August 2014

All Things Medical...

I thought, as it has been so long since I wrote about how we were doing,  I should give you a quick update. I will probably do a more detailed post when I get the chance.

I have been asked by a couple of people what is the situation with my husband. I haven't really mentioned him in detail since he moved out as I wanted to be sure of the situation and feel strong enough to cope with any comments I may get.

He is back. After a couple of weeks with his brother we felt it best for him to come home so we could talk things through more easily. We talked about many things in greater depth than we have before and realised a lot of things about each other that we have been too tired or distracted to notice until now. We talked a lot about how we felt about each other and the stresses we have been feeling. My husband has started taking antidepressants as he has been struggling with a low mood for so long he didn't realise he was so down. Our relationship is much stronger and more open now. We both feel able to share how we are feeling more honestly, without fear of upsetting the other. That is a great feeling and one I didnt realise we were missing!

Last month I took Squish to Bristol Childrens Hospital for an appointment with the Paediatric Consultant. Back in March he was referred for having bad leg pains at night and the Dr said his legs were different lengths. Over the last few months we have monitored the amount of exercise he has and treated the pains with a warm cloth on his legs and Calpol/Ibuprofen.
I am pleased to say,  the Consultant told me his legs are the same length and he couldn't find anything physically wrong with him following his examination. He put the pains down to growing pains and said to carry on managing it as we were doing. He said he would review him in 6 months but if the situation improves to cancel the appointment. Such a huge relief! I was imagining pins, plates and alsorts in his little legs.

Our ongoing struggle with Chaos and his behaviour has taken a new turn. After months of being told he is a bit demanding and I should find a better way to manage him, I have made a break through with the Dr. I wrote a list of all his little quirks and obsessive behaviours and took it, along with a letter from his nursery, to the Dr. He said some of the behaviours were very common in children his age but others were certainly typical of Aspergers. (My nephew has Aspergers so I have recognised some similar traits in Chaos) I feel that someone is finally listening to me and recognising he has very high demands which are extremely difficult to manage at times.
I am seeing a Dr again in a few weeks to discuss a paediatric referral and also our Health Visitor is going to do a developmental assessment of him (when she is back from her holiday - sigh!). The ball is rolling, allbeit very slowly! I shall keep you posted on our progress.


  1. As your close friend and I like to think now a friend if your husbands too I've seen the changes in you both myself, I'm so pleased things are moving forwards with little man and his behaviour he's a lovely boy but I can see the struggles! Xxx

  2. That's great news lovely- it's nice to hear you so happy :D X


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