Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Love The Little Things

I spied this little project on my friend Hannahs blog so thought I would join in. I want to make more effort to notice the little things again. I have lost sight of them lately. If you want to join in too hop over to Morgana's blog, But Why Mummy Why

I am currently reading Bear Grylls A Survival Guide for Life. My husband bought it for me last year for my birthday and I have only just got round to reading it. I am finding it very inspirational and motivating. I don't read every day but I think this book will have even more of a positive impact if I did

The Voice. I love it! People taking the chance to fulfill their dreams, what's not to love? Most of the people on their are truly amazing singers. To have the nerve to stand in front of a huge crowd and megastars as their first outing makes them winners already in my book!
I also find the judges funny to watch Ricky was absolutly beside himself watching one girl. I thought he was going to start drooling at one point. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Luckily, she chose Will.I.Am!

I have decided to treat myself to some new clothes this year. I am always on the look out for nice clothes for the boys but I always make do with what I have. I rarely go anywhere special so I haven't bothered.
I have decided that I am worth it and I don't want to look like a slob any more (well, not all the time anyway!). I went into town and had a look round. I ended up in Next. I have bought the boys clothes in there but never anything for me. There were lots of well dressed ladies rifling through the sale rails, knowing what they were looking for. I didn't have a clue. I'm not even sure what size I am! I was wearing my trackies and a baggy hoody so felt right out of place. I found some jeans I liked called "Boyfit" whatever that is. They are the most comfy pair of jeans I've ever had, RESULT! I may just pop in there again...

My little Squish Pot turned two in December and has started coming out with some of the cutest words for things. (I may write a whole separate post about this as I want to remember them all.) My current favourite is Apron cots for Apricots. The ways he says it is just adorable so I get him to say it over again. "My love apron cots Mammy" #LOVE!!
Chaos calls red sauce, "Ketch Tomato Sauce" for some reason which is also pretty funny as it is such a mouthful for him. I dont correct them as it will only last a short time before they say it normally. Then those moments are gone. I still remember Big used to say "Bacooter" for computer and my fav "Cumbunger" for cucumber. We used to get some very odd looks with that one!

I have been struggling with my Anxiety a fair bit this week so I sat down yesterday and made a routine poster. When I get overwhelmed and forget what I should be doing I have a poster to tell me. I know this may seem a very basic thing to do but when you are on your own and begin to panic about what should be happening it can be very scary. Usually my husband is here to calm me and point me in the right direction but I need to be able to handle this on my own when he isn't here. I have written more about it here

And lastly....
I have been rediscovering my love of blogging. I have found some great new blogs, found comfort with familiar ones and joined in with new linkies and games. After my break I had forgotten what a beautiful community we have on here and I am so pleased to be a part of it again. I have a new HTC phone and realised last night that I had 12 browsers open, each with a different blog I was reading! My phone is actually better than my laptop which is a bit scary. Its perfect for putting the boys to bed as they take ages to drift off sometimes...

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