Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Getting Groovy...


The very wonderful Kate on Thin Ice has got me thinking about getting my groove back. So far this year things are looking up for us. (You can read about that here) Kates post has made me think about the things I want for me. Obviously, I am over the moon about recent events but they are going to benefit us as a whole. Selfishly, I want to focus a little more on me this year and escape the Cinderella syndrome that I seem to have developed. Where better to share my thoughts and progress than with all the other Groovy Mums!

Where am I now? 

At the moment, I am fighting off the evil grips of Anxiety. I have become badly run down over the past few months and unfortunately nauseating panic has become a part of daily life again. Having got to the point that I couldn't cope anymore, I am now on my way back up. It will take time and I am trying really hard not to push myself past my current capabilities. 

During 2013 it felt as if we were all living in the same house but not interacting with each other. Somehow we have all become disconnected and I would really like to change that. I'd like us to all be on the same page again instead of feeling like we haven't seen each other for days!
I would also like everyone to get involved with keeping the house. I don't see why I should be a maid to all. I have hopes and dreams too. Just because I got married and had children doesn't mean I don't want anything else for my life. Far from it, I want to have a go at everything!! 

I think I fell into the trap of the stereotypical wife. I felt that it was my job to keep the house, shop, taxi children etc etc whilst smiling and loving every minute... Epic FAIL!
If I have learnt anything it's that I am not a faker. I can't pretend for love nor money. So this little wifey is burning her apron, sticking up the rota and is off to find some new adventures! 

Where am I going?

Now that is a massive question. My immediate answer is everywhere!! There are so many things I want to achieve this year but as I said earlier I need to try and limit myself to what I am currently capable of. So, for this week I am aiming to walk my smelly old dog every day as we could both do with some fresh air. I would also like to take some more photos. I love photography but with everything else going on I haven't taken any for ages. 

I'll see you next week with some Groovy pics to share! 


  1. Love this open and honest post. Take care - sometimes you can be prone to feeling worse for a bit after a crisis disappears. Always here for you as a fellow Groovy Mum. Love the idea of burning your apron. There are some good photo linky things around you could join in with to show off your efforts. Dog-walking has to be a good thing in terms of time for you, fresh air, time to contemplate and meeting people too. Have a fabulous week and thanks so much for taking part.

  2. I did a photography course at a local university a while back and they were running some sort of scheme for people returning to education, so I was able to get the course for free. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Getting fresh air is also a great shout. I need to get outside more often - I just wish it wasn't raining so much.
    I fell into the trap of trying to do it all, but it's just not possible. Definitely make sure you put aside some time for yourself...it's so important.

  3. I love this post - and your sense of humour. Good luck with the dog walking and photography this week. And I quite agree with you - being a mother doesn't mean being a maid to everyone. All hands to the deck!

  4. I totally feel for you in regards to anxiety. I'm fighting my own battle at the moment too and it's tough. Obviously have very different types of it but it's horrible no matter what. I'm so pleased to hear of all the good things that have happened already this year. I hope you get that groove back! The routines will be ace if you stick to them, will do it myself i think! xx

  5. Lovely post. It is really easy to fall in to the trap of being everything to everyone but great that you've decided to say no more! (I'm a little envious can you tell?) Your goals for this week are good ones too - looking forward to seeing your photos next week!

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